Using the Control Panel Web Site Mr. Davy Hosting Plans you will be able to set your care in the essential duties of site management, wasting less time on routine procedures.

Control Panel website provides a multitude of applications such as File Manager compatible with the “move and drop” and the Domain Manager with the option of Custom DNS Records.

The ModSecurity application will address the protection of your site. Through our web accelerators, it will speed up the performance of their sites.

Application Installer allows you to install a web application you want in seconds. Through Installer Web sites, you can quickly install a site by making four simple steps. If you need a web map, you get one seconds at the mercy Sitemap Generator.

Last but not least you can make your site unique to seize any of the 300+ free customizable themes integrated into the Control Panel Web Site. All these options have been designed with the sole purpose of facilitating the management of sites and make it more effective.

The Hepsia CP is the hosting Control Panel coming with all our shared web hosting packages. It’s really easy to use and comes bundled with free-of-charge tools and extras. With the possibility to manage multiple domain names simultaneously, the drag ‘n’ drop file upload system and the advanced Email Manager tool, it’s truly one of the best web hosting CPs in existence. But don’t simply take us at our word – take a glimpse at our video presentation, or examine the full-featured web hosting control panel demo.