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As 99% of all companies must protect their PCs against viruses using anti-virus companies they are also responsible for protecting their malware websites on the internet. Many mistakenly believe that they are already protected by your hosting company (hosting) or because they use common web frameworks like WordPress, Joomla and more, but this is not the case.

A website is like a pet, needs constant care and attention, if it neglects bad things can happen to your site. Offer prevention and control of attacks on their website. and we verify vulnerabilities, establish routines verification data that users enter your site.

As a result of being blacklisted is that no one can reach your site until you have removed the malware, then it must send a request to Google to review your site, and Google will remove from its blacklist.

Depending on your web page, the result is loss of income, reputation and a high probability that you are infecting their clients.

The problem is growing faster because hackers are attracted millions of new websites created easily and cheaply, but without professionalism and appropriate measures to prevent these risks, such as templates servers “do yourself”.

If you have suffered an attack implement corrective measures and thoroughly clean your site. We also offer and implement prevention systems, replication, monitoring and backups of your site and / or databases.

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